A cross-cultural cuisine

The culinary delights of the South

Spicy and tasty, the Reunion island cuisine reflects the population’s diversity. It has inherited the culinary traditions of all the people living here. French, Malagasy, Indian, African, Chinese. The wealth of its rural land enables the South to offer real delights. For the aperitif try a wasp larva, a pinpin (local fruit) donut while sipping a lychee rum. Enjoy a “chou palmiste” (local vegetable: heart of palm) salad which is considered as a luxury meal. Vanilla duck, “cassoulet” with lentils from Cilaos, vacoa puff, shrimps, red fi sh with combava sauce, “carri bichique” (fish alevins; traditional local meal). All these high-class fares will truly tempt your taste buds. A sweet ending to your dinner can be seasonal fruits such as : goyaviers (little bitter red fruits), lychees, mangoes, tangors (local orange)... An explosion of tastes !