The wild south and its volcano

Volcanic Treasures

The guenine south

On board of a 4X4, take a guided tour in the Wild South within its spectacular landscapes. Fall under the spell of this territory with hints of spices, vanilla and lively traditions. The road of the south is plenty of unxepected surprises : “La Plaine des Grègues” and its spicy lands where the curcuma is the king. “Grand Coude” with its white tea production. “Langevin” with its impressive waterfalls row. In Saint-Philippe admire the lava cliffs of “Cap Méchant”, discover the vanilla production, the Vacoa weavings and enjoy a
walk in the natural reserve of « Mare Longue ». Just behind the volcano “La route des laves” (the lava road) is covered by impressive ancient lava fl ows. Smells of sulphur, fulmarole emanate all around you, this vision is so unusual. Enter in the bowels of the Volcano and walk down the lava tubes with speleologists.

Journey to the origins of the Earth

The volcanic massif of “La Fournaise“ offers an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the island genesis. This 500 000 years old volcano is one of the most attractive of the world. Within its mineral universe the inside road is surrounded by vertiginous and very unusual panoramas. Suddenly, “La plaine des Sables” reveals its lunar landscapes. Magic and mystic moment. This leads to “Pas de Bellecombe”, a huge belvedere overlooking the volcano, its craters and its lava fl ows. Sail down on the lava sea all along the Caldeira. Soak up the soul of the dragon when you will reach the summit. On your way back take a stop at “La cité du Volcan” to learn all about the volcanology and to live a 4D volcanic eruption unless the volcano wakes up...