Key Events & Nightlife

The South moves

Enjoy these key events

Saint-Pierre is the theatre for major unavoidable events. In May, the Sakifo festival where the foremost international and French performers are invited and offer a big show with exceptional concerts. In October, the “Grand Raid” (walk race) internationally recognized crosses 170 km of the island with 9000m of elevation gain. On the seafront, don’t miss the departure of all these sportsmen in a friendly atmosphere. During the same period, the Celebration of Lights Dipavali enlivens the city. Parade of tanks and lights, dances and Indian music, the Hindu culture is predominant. On December 20th the Festival of Freedom which commemorates with music the abolition of slavery of 1848 is celebrated. Move to the Reunionese sounds !

Seaside and festive mood

Saint-Pierre the dynamic «capital» of the South is famous for its busy nightlife. Very lively, the seaside is the perfect place for night-birds. After a day of discovery, savor a cocktail at the terrace of a Coffee shop to the sound of Music and French life. Taste the meals from everywhere in the world in one of the many restaurants. Then try your luck and place your bets at the casino’s poker tables or at one of the 140 slots machines. The night will go on in the nightclubs of this seaside city. Until the end of the night !