A refined craft industry

Exceptional products

A selection of precious products

In the shops of the south, you can find high quality refined products and an orignial crafthand created by real artists. Discover the unique character of the Cilaos vintage, extracted from the French vinyards without forgetting the exceptional rum and punch of the Isautier distillery which was awarded by the Spirits Selection.

Cilaos continues the tradition of the embroideries which are true works of art that can be collected. Bring back home some of the famous vanilla pods of Saint-Philippe, essential oils of vetiver, geranium and let yourself be overwhelmed by the flavours and scents of the South.

Vacoa basketry, pieces of ceramic and jewels sculpted in the volcano lava, tortoiseshell objects, the artists use their natural environment. The must is the Bourbon coffee, one of the most expensive of the world because of both its scarcity and excellent quality.